april 12th 



Lockdown 3.0 is coming to an end.

We've all lobbied throughout this closure to fight for gyms and there essentiality to public health and wellbeing.

And now it's time to get back to business.

And send it. Again. Indubitably. 

please keep reading for important info

 on how we will operate post-lockdown

last updated saturday 10th April 2021 

The booking system

(and other important things)

Snazzy subtitle, yes, thank you. So, the list above are measures that us as the BD team and you as the BD family must all follow in order to uphold a COVID-secure environment when we're using the gym and everything in it. This list details some other imortant bits of info pertaining to our post-lockdown operations. 

booking system + monitoring capacitY

  • The booking system is live, and has been working well since re-opening post-lockdown 1.0. This measure has been introduced as there are guidlines for gym spaces around COVID-secure capacity and the appropriate number of people per square footage. It will be in place for as long as necessary, and any changes will be promptly communicated. 

  • There will be 2 hours slots available to book from opening to closing, with a maximum capacity of 30 people per slot. Bookings for each day open up 24 hours before your desire slot start time (e.g. you want to book 2pm tomorrow? You can start booking from 2pm today. Want 4pm tomorrow? You can book from 4pm today, and so on and so forth!) 

  • If you know your session is going to be a long one, you may book back to back slots. If you are at the gym and know you will not finish by the end of your slot, go online and book yourself onto the next one (you must do this before the next slot's start time!!). 

  • If you're a member, on arrival, scan in at the desk with your key fob as normal, and also confirm your booked time slot with us. Please don't enter the gym floor until you've done so! 

  •  If you plan on purchasing a day pass or any other membership, you will also need to book your time slot in advance, filling in your booking form before arrival. Just add a note when you're filling in your booking details to let us know that you will be buying your day pass/membership on arrival!  

  • If you're bringing a friend and booking their slot on their behalf, please input their details on the booking form. Correct info on the form saves you guys time stood at the desk on arrival! 

  • If you're regularly booking, it would be worthwhile downloading the Wix mobile app. You will only have to enter your info once! You can view each slot and see how many people are booked onto them, and can cancel and rebook your own slots if you need to! It's wonderful! Do it!

  • If you're ready to book your time slot then click here.

supporting test and trace

  • Many businesses reopening post lockdown are being advised by the government to keep contact information on people visiting/using facilities, for 21 days. If you have already visited us or you are a member, you will know that we already take this information from you the first time you visit/sign up, so we will continue to do so. This will include clients of coaches based at our gym.

Our sanitising schedule

  • In addition to the shared resposibilites metioned above regarding the sanitising of equipment after use, we will also be doing our best to keep the gym space as safe and hygienic for you as possible. High traffic contact points (light swtiches, door handles, sinks/taps etc) and surfaces will be reguarly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day. 

Symptoms? stay home!

  • This almost goes without saying, but just in case the reminder is needed, if you are showing any of the symptom of COVID-19, stay home and follow the self-isolation guidance. If you come in and are displaying obvious symptoms, we will tell you to go home (in the nicest possible way).

  • For a reminder on the symptoms and isolation advice click here. 

last updated monday 30th november 2020 

soap, Sanitising, safe distances + signs

That subtitle is basically how we shall operate in a nutshell, but we'll break it down here. Our measures have been informed by government guidance on COVID-secure indoor gym operation, as well as framework provided by UK Active. We will all have a personal responsibility to adhere to and uphold these rules of operation. It will require all of our conscious efforts and patience, but in the name of physical+ mental health, wealth and well being, we've gotta do what we've gotta do!


Aka handwashing.

  • Please wash your hands in the toilet sinks as soon as you've scanned in, at regular intervals throughout your session, and before you leave. Do not touch your face without having washed/sanitised hands. 


  • Your hands. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the front desk and around the gym floor. Use them!

  • Your equipment. Machine seats, pads, handles and attachments are to be sanitised after use, ready for the next person. Sanitizer sprays will be provided at the front desk around the gym floor. Use them! Brush down your barbells after use, and wash/sanitise hands before + after barbell use. 

Safe Distances

  • Please keep a safe 1m distance from fellow members if not from the same household.

  • Upto 2 people may safely use a single platform, maintaining 1m distance. If sharing a barbell, do not touch your face until you have washed your hands.

  • Machines. Do not use neighbouring machines at the same time. If someone is using a machine, do not use the machine to the immediate left or right, until they are done. 

  • Toilets and Changing Rooms. 1 person at a time. Please come to the gym already changed where possible, to limit the need for use of the changing rooms. 

  • Spotting fellow lifters. Ask the lifter what they are comfortable with. Don't encouragement-shout when spotting. Disposable masks will be available at the front desk for 50p if spotters/lifters wish to use them int these instances (or any other, for that matter). Face coverings in gyms are not required by law in any way, and will be a matter of individual preference.  

  • Chalk. It is down to you to use chalk, if you wish, as safely as possibly. We encourage you to bring your own. Otherwise, do not touch your face until you have washed your hands, and wash/sanitise hands before using chalk, and once you are done lifting with it. 

  • We will be keeping our front and back entrances open at all times, to faciliate ventilation, as well as provide you access to stand/rest outside, at safe distances from one another.


  • Please read them! Signs will be fixed at the gym entrance, reception and around the room, to help remind us all of the measures above.