About us

Opened by Damon and Zahra at the start of 2018, Built Differently Gym quickly built it's way up to becoming known as one of the best weightlifting and powerlifting gyms in London.


This reputation has not come about just because of our ever-growing catalogue of high-spec equipment and lifting space.

We’ve become equally, if not better well known and loved for our warm, welcoming, supportive family-like atmosphere; something that has come to impact many of our members and the development of their training since joining us.


Since opening, word has spread and we see lifters walk through our doors from all corners of London and further, some trekking literal, actual miles to train here!

As per our Built Differently ethos, our gym welcomes ALL OF YOU.




Platforms, Racks, Machines & Benches

x12 Platforms 

x2 IPF Spec Combo Racks

x1 Rogue Monster Squat Stand

x4 Squat Stands

x1 Heavy Duty Squat Stand/Muscle Up Rig

x1 Belt Squat

x1 Sissy Squat

x1 Glute Ham Developer

x1 Hyperextension & x1 Reverse Hyperextension

x2 Pull Up Attachments

x2 Flat Competition Bench Presses

x1 Incline Bench Press (self-handout design)

x1 Decline Bench

x15 Plate Loaded & Stack Life Fitness Machines

x1 Plymoteric Box Stack (63inch Total Height)

Discs, Dumbbells & Cardio

750kg of Eleiko Weightlifting Training Discs (0.5kg to 25kg) 

190kg of Rogue Weightlifting Training Discs (0.5kg to 25kg)

509kg of Rogue Calibrated Metal Discs

400kg of Cast Iron Plates

1000kg Metal Hex Plates

1kg to 60kg Dumbbells

Assorted Kettlebells

x2 Rogue Echo Bikes

x1 Concept 2 Rower

x1 Vibroplate

bars, Bars & more bars

x3 Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Bars

x2 Rogue IPF Power Bars

x1 Deadlift Bar

x1 Squat Bar (25kg)

x3 Eleiko Men's Weightlifting Bars

x2 Rogue Echo Men's Bars

x1 Eleiko Women's Weightlifting Bar

x2 Rogue Women's Weightlifting Bars

x2 Rogue Bella Women's Bars

x1 Safety Squat Bar 20kg

x1 Football Bar 10kg

x1 Earthquake Bar

x1 Trap/Hex Bar 41kg

x5 Powerbars 20kg

x1 7.5kg Technique Bar

x2 EZ Curl Bars

x1 Short 10kg Bar

x2 Hammer Grip Curl Bars



Ollie B

The best gym in London. Not only are the owners Zahra & Damon two of the most welcoming, humble and lovely guys you could hope to meet, but in just the short time the gym has been open they have managed to build a gym culture, training community and family that is truly hard to find, from beginners to competitive athletes and coaches, who are all always so supportive and helpful.

Lewis B

Go for the equipment, stay for the community

Compose an email to your current gym cancelling your membership and join Built Differently because you've found the ideal gym.
Great Equipment ✓ Wonderful Atmosphere ✓ Loveliest people you'll ever meet ✓✓✓✓ What more could you want?

Linda L

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